Craft – Not Cookie Cutter

While some firms work primarily with one or two mediums, Solutions Partnership believes in utilizing multiple avenues of outreach for our clients and projects. We are adept at creating and delivering an impactful message through

Public & Political Campaigns

Our partners have decades of experience with public and political campaigns — locally, regionally and statewide. Solutions Partnership offers comprehensive campaign management from strategy development through on-the-ground execution.

Marketing & Communications

Solutions Partnership helps our clients reach out to the right customers. There is no effective one-size-fits-all approach to marketing. We work with our clients to develop and execute a marketing plan unique to their product or service.

Print Publications

From full-scale magazines, brochures, and vanity publications to ghostwritten columns and articles, we provide professional-quality written communications of all kinds for our clients.

Speakers Bureaus

We train our Clients and their team in public speaking and develop engaging presentations for use during public and private forums and meetings.

Direct Mail

Solutions Partnership provides full-service direct mail services, from development of your mailer through, printing and mailing services offered at affordable rates through proven partners.

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more. We can make your social media outreach effortless and effective.

Broadcast & Video

Solutions Partnership writes and produces impactful, award-winning videos for television, websites, social media and presentations.

Special Events & Public Meetings

From concerts and festivals to open houses and official public meetings, Solutions Partnership has years of experience in planning and implementing successful events and meetings.

Grassroots Outreach

When face-to-face interaction is the best way to get a message across, we deliver a customized outreach program that includes a game plan for direct engagement with your target audience and community groups.


Color selection, design, messaging and placement. Putting up a sign may seem simple but creating and deploying effective signage takes special expertise.

Email Marketing

Solutions Partnership has experience working with top email marketing services. We can help you create compelling messages, develop an email list, and deliver your targeted message.

Press Releases and Opinion Columns

With newsrooms operating with fewer and fewer reporters, the media is on the lookout for quality content that requires minimal editing. Solutions Partnership has decades of experience creating press releases and ghostwriting columns and news stories that are welcomed by resource-strained media outlets.

Personal Letters

Personal letters are fast becoming a lost art but that’s why they can be so effective. We can draft engaging, well-written letters for third-party recommendation or when our Clients want to communicate directly with their constituents or a target market.

Phone Banks

Hate robo-calls? We do too. But telephone outreach and polling can play an important part of any campaign or outreach effort. Solutions Partnership works with affordable, live phone room operations to help our Clients get their message out.