Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms

Metro Group Development wanted to site a Cumberland Farms location in the Darwin Square area of Port St. Lucie but faced challenges due to the physical constraints of the lot and the location of city-owned utilities and easements.  In addition to plat approval and site plan approval, Metro Group also needed to reach an agreement with the city for relocation of the utility easement and existing sewer lines to another part of the property and they were hoping to receive impact fee credits from St. Lucie County for infrastructure improvements they were funding.

Engaged in September of 2015, Solutions Partnership developed and implemented an outreach and communications plan; created flyers, display boards, info sheets, and letters to neighboring property owners. We scheduled and set up the required public meetings, met with local officials on behalf of Metro Group, and assisted with the relocation of the utilities and easements and the granting of impact fee credits.

Just over a year later, the new Cumberland Farms location opened for business and is now busily serving the Darwin Square community.

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