Crosstown Parkway Public Education Campaign

Crosstown Parkway Public Education Campaign

In 2005, the City of Port St. Lucie approved a referendum in 2005 for a city-wide vote on a $64 million bond issue to fund the Crosstown Parkway. Of 75,492 registered voters, 12,286 votes were cast (16.2% turnout) with 89.2% voting to approve the bond and related taxes.

Patricia worked closely with City staff to develop public education materials – videos, collateral materials and speaking points. The City could not advocate for a “Yes” vote, so Patricia worked to develop a Speakers Bureau of local business and civic leaders who could promote the project. Over three months, the Speakers Bureau held 50 events, in addition to numerous television and radio appearances.

“There is no one I will feel more confident in if pursuing a community wide issue or vote” – Don Cooper

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